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There are many ways to experience BERvokal online. Besides this website, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We are grateful for every new follower!

If you want to know about past editions of the festival, just follow the links in this media section. We have a photo gallery, videos and a blog for you to watch, read and relive.

Review | Looking Back

BERvokal 2014

BERvokal 2014 - it was amazing! The concept of the first edition worked out, so we enhanced it with an additional day filled with the great BERlin Allstars Opening Concert and a wider variety of workshops in order to fulfil the huge demand regarding many different elements of vocal music. Have a look at all our innovations in this BERmedia section. Because just like our workshops, our multimedia presence has transformed, too! Not only do we have our blog and our photo gallery, we now also have a podcast! Finally, moving pictures of many wonderful, funny, and emotional moments. Have fun watching it!

BERvokal 2013

The first edition of BERvokal was a phenomenal success! All the participants, bands, coaches, guests and volunteers, had tremendous fun and now we are looking forward to our second festival in 2014. Get an impression of what BERvokal 2013 was like, what there was to experience, see and listen to, in our blog.

The grand finale

Lyrics and music: Oliver Gies



BERvokal 2020

Dieses Jahr ist es wieder soweit: Vom 11. bis 13. September 2020 findet die nächste BERvokal im Pfefferbergtheater statt. Wir sind mitten in den Vorbereitungen und freuen uns schon tierisch!


Jens Johansen

Unfortunately Jens Johansen had to cancel us at short notice. We are very happy that with Oliver Gies (Sa) and Erik Sohn (So) we were able to win such excellent substitute coaches!


Die BERvokal rückt immer näher

In einem Monat ist es endlich soweit. Sichert Euch jetzt schon Eure Plätze in den Workshops und freut Euch auf unsere beiden BERüchtigten Konzerte mit alten und neuen Gesichtern. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!