The Workshops

The range of workshops offered at BERvokal is divided into

  • the great Main Workshop for vocal ensembles and an audience (included in audience day-ticket)
  • Workshops for individuals (individually bookable)
  • Open Ensemble Workshops (individually bookable)
  • Open Workshops for individuals (included in the day-ticket).

Individual Workshops

These workshops take place parallel to the ensemble workshops. They are designed for active participation of individuals, singers in choirs, bands, soloists, and vocal music lovers of all genres. Different areas and topics of vocal music will be worked on actively and intensifyingly. The range of topics covers everything from beatboxing, song interpretation, rehearsal tracks, arrangement and much more. However, the range is changed every year in order to create the opportunity to present new coaches, new content and exciting aspects.


In 90-minute workshops, with each ensemble the coaches will work on performance, sound and much more. Every ensemble can choose the focus of the work. The workshops are open for registration to choirs and bands and open to audiences. They are not connected to the Main Workshop. Passive participation in the Bonuslevel Workshops - like the Main Workshop - is included to the BERvokal day ticket.

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Open Workshops

Open workshops are Individual Workshops and admission is granted for all day-ticket holders. These workshops are designed for active participation of individuals. The number of participants is generally not limited, however, we reserve the right to limit the number of participants due to limited spatial capacities.



BERvokal 2020

Dieses Jahr ist es wieder soweit: Vom 11. bis 13. September 2020 findet die nächste BERvokal im Pfefferbergtheater statt. Wir sind mitten in den Vorbereitungen und freuen uns schon tierisch!


Jens Johansen

Unfortunately Jens Johansen had to cancel us at short notice. We are very happy that with Oliver Gies (Sa) and Erik Sohn (So) we were able to win such excellent substitute coaches!


Die BERvokal rückt immer näher

In einem Monat ist es endlich soweit. Sichert Euch jetzt schon Eure Plätze in den Workshops und freut Euch auf unsere beiden BERüchtigten Konzerte mit alten und neuen Gesichtern. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!